WeBizz is a classified AD directory that links businesses, sellers, and buyers everywhere in Tanzania.

WeBizz is fully owned by Wegrow Agency Limited, a full-service business, research, consultancy, and training agency established to help businesses implement and manage, operations and marketing strategies, so as to operate effectively, increase productivity, grow customer base, increase sales, generate profit, and achieve their business and operational goals.


You will get multiple options at one place and there will be no boundaries of in advertisements. Basically, you could find the best service or product exactly according to your requirement. It is easy to find what you need with the help of a WeBizz.

WeBizz will do all that you want. All you need is to post a classified advertisement on free or premium packages. And then you will get responses accordingly.

Here at WeBizz you will get unlimited space to advertise your Item or business.


1. User-friendly interface:
Designed specially to attract a large number of potential customers. 

2. Cost-effective approach:
It's free and even the premium packages their close proximity to FREE!.

3. Large number of customers:
Interaction of buyers from all over the country.

4. Limitless sales:
If you post an ad about something that is in fashion or demand, you may end up having a huge number of orders for your product instantly. 

5. Easy to manage:
Allows sellers to post an ad without restricting them to a pre-defined format. 

6. Adding images with Ads:
Adding colorful and eye-catching images also attracts a large number of customers.

7. 24 x 7 operability:
Our servers remain operational 24 hours continuously. This makes it possible for you to visit the site at any time of the day. 

10. No geographical boundaries:
You will not be bound by geographical locations. Your market consists of audience of all kinds.